Jade and Marcasite Brooch c.1930


Jade and Marcasite Brooch c.1930

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Total weight 5.64 grams.  Length 39mm.  Width at bow is 26mm.

Marcasite jewellery is often made of “fools gold” (pyrite) and not, as some think,  from the mineral Marcasite.  It has been used widely in jewellery since the time of the ancient Greeks and was made popular by Queen Victoria when she wore it to mourn the death of her husband, Prince Albert, for 40 years.  It has since been popularized repeatedly during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods and had a resurgence (again!) in the 50s.  Today it is popular as an item of beauty and a historical conversation piece.  For a discussion on marcasite, click here.  Or maybe you might like this 18ct mourning brooch?

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