Sterling Soup Ladle, Holland c.1860


Sterling Soup Ladle.

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This Holland Soup Ladle, estimated to be made in the 1860’s, is made of solid sterling silver. The total weight 94.93 grams. Perfect for displaying in your home as a piece of history, or for practical use. Soup ladles are a relatively new invention, and came to prominence around the time this ladle was produced. then known as a ‘cup holder’, it was patented in 1876 by Joseph Scherer from New York. The word ‘ladle’ is derived from the Old English ‘hladan’, meaning ‘to load’. You can find out more about the history of the soup ladle here. Are you looking for antique spoons? Don’t leave before checking out our Sterling Flambe Spoon c.1930Sterling Silver Spoons, London 1916.

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